Daily complex cleaning

Ежедневная комплексная уборка

DAILY COMPLEX CLEANING is a complex of daily types of works providing aesthetic and sanitary requirements to the condition of premises.

The advantage of complex maintenance agreement provides for daily housekeeping (daily cleaning), overall cleaning, cleaning of carpet cleaning, chemical furniture cleaning, window cleaning and complex of cleaning services without third contractor's participation.

The list of services included to complex cleaning can be very big. The standard list includes the following:
- dust removal from all surfaces including using special machine (dry cleaning);
- wet cleaning using cleaning vehicles and manual cleaning;
- elimination of spots off entrance doors, glass partitions, windows;
- cleaning (dry, wet) of furniture, lamps, office appliances;
- garbage removal;
- polishing of mirrors, glass surfaces;
- cleaning of sanitary facilities, elevators, ladders, etc.

Many factors may influence on the cost of complex cleaning. It depends on the area, number of cleaning specialists, working regime, public space attendance. In case of large areas the density of furniture and office appliances and the number of workers shall determine labor costs. Specialist's call and calculation of the cost – FREE!