Post-construction cleaning

Послестроительная уборка

Post-construction cleaning - provides for fast and efficient cleaning works after building pollution by paint, glue, cement, silikon and other solutions used during the construction, as well as full removal of dust accumulated in difficult places.

The list of works providing for post-construction cleaning:
- wiping of ceiling lamps and niches;
- wet or ry wall wiping;
- wiping of wall lamps, sockets and switches;
- external and internal furniture polishing;
- polishing of door sets;
- cleaning and polishing of metal furniture;
- external and internal cleaning of windows, window frames, and window sills;
- cleaning of heating radiators and screens;
- garbage removal.

Specialists of our cleaning company due to their training and rich experience in post-construction cleaning can solve complex tasks on your site. Specialist's call and calculation of the cost – FREE!

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    Post-construction cleaning
    «Saryarka» republic cycle track

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    Post-construction cleaning
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    Post-construction cleaning
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